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“Our Environment, Our Health”: One Health Conference September 28th, 2018

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The Centre for Health from Environment (CHE) is an integral part of the Ryan Institute at NUI Galway. The CHE is working to promote health by placing environmental stewardship at the centre of policy through teaching, research and advocacy. It brings together researchers within the University from key areas including, air and water quality, food and soil biology and public policy.

The Centre for Health from Environment (CHE) is hosting the “Our Environment, Our Health: One Health” Conference on Friday 28th September in the Orbsen Building, NUI Galway. The “One Health” concept recognises that the health of humans, animals and the environment are inextricably linked. The conference, which is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, will showcase “One Health” research taking place at NUIG and internationaly and will feature expert talks from leaders in the field across 4 thematic oral sessions. There will also be scientific poster sessions throughout the day and abstract submissions are now open   (download the Abstract Submission Form here – deadline for submission 31st August 2018).

Please find all details on the Conference website address on the page

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