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Call for proposals Paris Region PhD²

Call for applications for the funding of PhD grants Paris Région PhD²

The Île-de-France Region is committed to continuing to develop PhD and research training by co-financing 100 PhD contracts by 2022 for the digitization of skills and new technologies in companies and public organizations.

For more information on the equality and the modalities of the help please consult:

Any incomplete file will be considered ineligible.
A file filed with more than one DIM will be excluded from the selection procedure.

The files must be submitted by the director of the laboratory on the platform:

2019 provisional timetable

Launch of the call for projects: March 1st

Closing of the call for projects: May 15 at 12 pm

Scientific Juries for IMGs: May 16 to 31

Selection of CSR projects: from June 3rd to 5th

Voting of elected officials: July 3rd (subject to reservation)

For further information on this call for proposals, please contact: