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Med-Vet-Net Association Travel Grants

Med-Vet-Net Association Travel Grants for Attendance at Relevant Conferences

A bursary of up to €1K is available.

Grants will be announced twice per year in January and in July. A total budget of 15,000 € is available, half of which will be allocated for each 6-month period. Awards will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. Applications can be made at any time.


1. The conference can be anywhere, but the subject must be relevant to the mission of the Med-Vet-Net Association:

The Med-Vet-Net Association unites its members to promote a One-Health approach to combat zoonoses and support a healthy and sustainable food supply chain across Europe (and beyond) by: • Sustaining and capitalising on common zoonoses research activities. • Dissemination of expertise, training and information. • Advocacy towards European and global stakeholders.

Preference will be given to attendance at conferences covering topics not covered within the EJP, so as to extend opportunity and provide additional value to the Med-Vet-Net Association.

2. Applicants should be early-career researchers (with a maximum of 10 years research experience since completing their PhD), not PhD students, and must be from MVNA member institutes.

3. Applicants should present either a talk or a poster.

Poster should include:

 Acknowledgment of Med-Vet-Net Association support.

 Med-Vet-Net Association logo should appear on poster.

 Poster to appear on Med-Vet-Net Association website after the conference.

Talk should include:

 Acknowledgment of Med-Vet-Net Association support and MVNA logo on acknowledgment slide.

 Abstract of talk to appear on Med-Vet-Net Association website perhaps illustrated by one slide from the talk.

4. Applicants should provide:

 Full costings for travel/conference registration etc. Reimbursement will be strictly limited to the costs of travel, accommodation and registration.

 Conference programme – or provisional programme if not finalised at time of registration – to demonstrate relevance.

 Abstract for the talk or poster to be presented.

5. A one-page report must be produced and submitted to the MVNA project manager within 6 weeks of attending the conference.