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Tackling Proteoforms involved in Infectious diseases with Mass Spectrometry (PIMS)

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Hôpital Européen G. Pompidou (APHP)

Institut Pasteur

Institut Curie

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Orbitrap Tribrid Eclips, Mass Spectrometer

Three research axes important for infectious diseases will benefit from the Orbitrap Tribrid Eclipse: diagnostics and clinical applications, host-pathogen interactions and understanding of disease pathogenesis. In each case, advanced proteomics strategies will be developed to characterize proteins, their interactions and post-translational modifications (proteoforms). Different teams of biologists from research institutes or hospitals of the région Ile de France are partners of this project. The methods developed will be broadly applicable to other diseases or organisms, making this project useful in a 1Health context.

The objective of the PIMS project is to better understand, diagnose and treat infectious diseases by the acquisition of the high-end Orbitrap Tribrid Eclipse mass spectrometer and the development of combined proteomics approaches. The originality and innovative features of this instrument will allow going beyond the state-of-the-art in the field, such as for example the use of MALDI-TOF MS (Biotyper/Vitek) in hospitals for the rapid identification of pathogens and achieve a detailed picture of proteomes, at an unprecedented level of precision.