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High-dimensional spectral cytometry for studying cellular processes and identifying predictive and prognostic biomarkers in infection (SPCytoHD)

Responsabilité scientifique :

Ana Cumano,

Milena Hasan

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– Spectral analyzer Sony ID7000TM, equipped with 6 lasers (320-355-405-488-561-637nm), auto sampler and workstation

We propose to implement the novel spectral analyzer ID7000 (Sony) into the commonaccess Bsl2+ laboratory of the CB UTechS at the Institut Pasteur. Multi-parameter cytometry is the tool of choice for cellular phenotyping in any biomedical study. Recent systems immunology and systems biology studies have revealed the importance of integrating cell phenotyping with molecular profiling for analysis of host response to immune challenges, as well as for identification of diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers in the context of disease. Whereas high-dimensional quantification of protein- and gene- expression signatures has become possible thanks to a rapid development of omics technologies, dimensionality of cellular phenotyping has been lagging behind, due to technological limitations and lack of available fluorophores. The ID7000 cytometer overcomes various limitations of current instruments and it will likely become the tool of choice for high-dimensional cell phenotyping.