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Laser Nephelometry for Studying Molecular Interactions Between Microorganisms

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Caroline KUNZ

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  • Lecteur de microplaques en Néphélométrie (NEPHELOstar PLUS)

Microbial interactions within the microbiota or with their environments are ubiquitous and
extremely complex. Understanding these interactions, e.g. those mediated by microbial
molecules or in the context of symbiosis, have important implications in human health, notably
for the development of antimicrobial strategies. To this end, accurate phenotypic
characterization in terms of growth is required. However, many environmental microorganisms
such as filamentous fungi or yeast cannot grow homogenously for which conventional
spectroscopic methods to record the growth are of limited use. Laser nephelometry is a direct
method of measuring light scattered by particles in suspension and hence is applicable to
determine the growth of heterogenous microbial cultures. Here we present various projects
related to the One Health concept where utilization of this technique is indispensable.