Projets soutenus

Specific Pathogen Free zebrafish for immunology and inflammation research (SPFI2R)

Responsabilité scientifique :


Partenariat :

Unité Infectiologie Expérimentale Rongeurs et Poissons (UE IERP); VIM

Financement :

Creation of clean room in surpression, filtered production of air thermoregulated, alarm for key parameters, water quality treatment and rocks for zebrafish, stereomicroscope, microbiology equipment and incubator.

The project aims at setting an experimental system devoted to the breeding of zebrafish with SPF sanitary status, without mycobacteria and Pseudoloma, to improve the efficiency, reproducibility and standardisation of experiments. Different genetic backgroudns will be used: the AB strain that is mostly used as a « wild type » background for experiments and a diversity of mutants (either reporter fish lines or, importantly immuno-deficient fish in which key immune genes have been disrupted such as the RAG KO line)