Projets soutenus

Upgrade of flow cytometry core facility for preclinical and clinical studies

Responsabilité scientifique :

Anne-Sophie GALLOUET

Partenariat :

CEA, Inserm, Université Paris Sud

Centre de recherche en Immunologie des Infections virales et des maladies auto-immunes (IMVA); IDMIT/UMR1184

The project ‘Upgrade of flow cytometry core facility for preclinical and clinical research’ aims to provide up to date flow cytometry strategies for the host responses to infectious diseases and chronic inflammatory disorders for research in humans and animal models. The practical objective is to renew and consolidate our flow cytometry activity with new machines and innovate with new flow cytometers (30 parameters) in our preclinical and clinical core facilities. The originality of the demand relies on our commitment to synergize competence of our preclinical and clinical teams to explore immune responses in humans and animal models (mice and non-human primates). By using similar instruments, we will be able to share competence for development of cytometry panels (the pre-clinical team has resource and expertise to achieve this task and is leader in the field) and increase our reactivity to provide scientific answer to clinical research demands. The aim is to generate a bidirectional interaction between the technical expertise required and the growing clinical needs for multiparametric analyses of biological fluids at the cell level.