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Novel synthetic compounds that potentiate antifungal activity in drug-resistant Candida species

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ENE Iuliana Veronica

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Département de Mycologie et Département de Génomes & Génétique

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Candida species are a frequent cause of systemic fungal infections and are associatedwith high mortality, particularly in immunocompromised patients or those in the intensivecare unit. The limited antifungal arsenal, as well as emerging multidrug resistant speciesnecessitate novel antifungal therapies. One strategy for combating drug resistant pathogensis the development of molecules that restore susceptibility to approved clinical drugs.We have identified promising small molecules that can restore the activity of azoles, the mostwidely used class of antifungals. Work proposed here will define the mechanism of actionof these molecules and evaluate their efficacy in animal models of fungal infection. Thesestudies will identify novel combinatorial strategies which can extend the lifespan of limitedapproved antifungals and prevent the emergence of antifungal resistance.